CHA awarded multimillion-dollar U.S. Army contract

Virginia Beach, Va. ­­– September 20, 2017 The U.S. Army Contracting Command has awarded Cape Henry Associates (CHA) a three-year, $49 million hybrid contract to mature an advanced Human Systems Engineering (HSE) Lighthouse framework and discrete functional modules.

As a business process, integrated framework, and workflow application toolset that captures, correlates, and analyzes disparate datasets, Cape Henry Associates’ Lighthouse product provides the data granularity required for leaders to make better decisions. The use of Lighthouse in Manpower, Personnel, and Training (MPT) analysis, requirements definitions, and production of training systems gives stakeholders the visibility that has historically been out of reach. “By providing better tools to collect and analyze data, we are ultimately contributing to the workforce of our Armed Services by allowing the stakeholders to make better decisions about manning, maintenance, and training,” says John Jackson, Cape Henry Associates’ chief executive officer.

Chuck Wythe, Cape Henry Associates’ chief revenue officer notes, “For Cape Henry Associates, this contract win further validates our veteran workforce’s expertise in MPT requirements. We hope this win will facilitate further growth of that workforce and better enable our seasoned warfighters to continue their contribution of excellence to their branches of service.”


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