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Who in the World of CHA Is Brittney Checchio?

Brittney Checchio is one of our brilliant junior instructional systems designers (ISD). Almost a year ago we managed to lure her away from the very noble career of teaching our next generation. After six years as an elementary teacher in high-poverty schools where it’s critical to establish safe and supportive environments, Brittney brought her talents to CHA where she provides support in the assessment, design, and development of high-quality training programs that exceed our customers’ expectations. Brittney loved the relationships she created with her students and their families, believing that where you can make a difference, however small, you should. Luckily for us, she decided she could continue to make a difference joining us at CHA.

Brittney’s favorite things about CHA are the culture and environment. Here, she finds the company values its employees and fosters the types of relationships that make coworkers more like family. She loves the support, encouragement, and respect we provide while we work together effectively and efficiently to achieve a common goal. It’s true we pride ourselves on creating and maintaining a work environment that fosters such dedication, but it’s easy when we have people like Brittney in the office. She is passionate, empathetic, and thoughtful. She enjoys making others happy, which means she gives everything she has to the job she does. Her integrity and authenticity foster a positive environment even in the fast-paced, dynamic area in which she works.

While Brittney herself is not a veteran, her “Papa” served 43 years in the Navy and various other family members have served well and honorably. The close connection she feels shows in her passionate dedication to creating and providing the best training programs for our military members. In June she married “the kindest, funniest, most caring, patient, and giving person” she knows. Funny, we’d say Brittney fits that bill herself!

When she’s not working out at Orange Theory, you might find Brittney at concerts or festivals or traveling. She enjoys crafting and novels (when she has the time), or forcing her very patient husband to watch all those reality shows you love to hate! She also spends time supporting her husband’s venture, 757 Sports Collectibles, a retail store on Virginia Beach Boulevard that sells – you guessed it – sports collectibles! See how she got us to give him a shout-out? That’s the type of support you get when you befriend Brittney.

CHA continues to grow because of employees like Brittney. She is confident we’ll continue to be recognized as one of the top companies in Hampton Roads because of our high-quality, innovative programs. We’re pretty sure we’ll accomplish this and more thanks in no small part to the incredible work ethic, drive, and proactivity of Brittney and the rest of our CHA family.

We asked Brittney what we should know about her that not many others know. She told us that she’s ridiculously afraid of balloons (maybe this is one of the reasons we were able to lure her away from the educational field). She’s so afraid, in fact, that she covers her ears if she has to walk past them. Another tidbit she shared is that she’s a huge *NSYNC fan. Huge. (Though she’s not a fan of Justin Timberlake’s solo ventures.) In fact, the only way we might lose Brittney is if the band decides to tour again (she’s already decided if that happens she’ll have to become a groupie). So, to forestall the groupie thing, stop by Brittney’s desk if you’re in the office and let her know how much you appreciate everything she does for CHA. Just don’t bring any balloons with you!

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Vice Chief of Naval Operations visits C-ARTS trailer

Vice Chief of Naval Operations (VCNO) Admiral Bill Moran toured the Navy’s newest delivery approach to Ready Relevant Learning July 24 in the Carrier-Advanced Reconfigurable Training System (C-ARTS) at Cape Henry Associates (CHA) in Virginia Beach, Va. He was interested in the mobile and reconfigurable training delivery system, an advanced electronic classroom and associated lab packed with the latest virtual reality capabilities and built on technologies developed under the Navy’s Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program.

Specifically targeting CVN 78 training, Cape Henry Associates developed these state-of-the-art mobile training systems under the guidance of PMS 378L’s Training Manager as a potential part of the Sailor 2025 initiative. Admiral Moran formerly served as the 57th Chief of Naval Personnel where his duties included planning and programming for all manpower, personnel, training, and education resources for the U.S. Navy. Visiting and experiencing the new C-ARTS was an extension of his passion to ensure all naval personnel have the best, most effective training available. Admiral Moran shared that he enjoyed the presentations and his tour, including his interactions with the Sailors from CVN 78. He also shared that the 16-month concept-to-reality development schedule and innovative acquisition strategy was “really impressive” and offered the team encouragement. “Last year at I/ITSEC, I said I wanted a holodeck. We’re almost there.”

John Jackson, CHA’s chief executive officer, said, “It was a tremendous opportunity to show the Vice CNO how Cape Henry worked with real-world Navy customers to utilize our SBIR technology in support of the Navy’s strategic direction for training Sailors. We hope this visit demonstrated Cape Henry’s dedication to supporting the Navy through transition from legacy training modalities to enhanced techniques and technologies that drive Ready Relevant Learning (RRL) and the Sailor 2025 initiative.” The VCNO’s visit highlights the potential impact C-ARTS can have on bringing training capabilities into the 21st century and beyond.


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CHA graduates from exclusive VALET program

Cape Henry Associates (CHA) is one of the most recent graduates of the Virginia Leaders in Export Trade (VALET) program, a two-year international business acceleration program. A collaboration between the Virginia commonwealth and expert, private sector partners, VALET offers executive training, international sales plan development, educational events, customized research, and more. Participants in the program average a 54% increase in international sales. Only 25 companies are selected for VALET every year.

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CHA’s Quality Management department ensures efficient production

The Quality Management (QM) department at Cape Henry Associates (CHA) has proven to be invaluable to our success. Over the last year, the QM department has guided CHA’s operational divisions in the appropriate steps toward producing a higher quality product with improved quality assurance tools such as our new quality control checklists and the CHA Curriculum Development Style Guide. These tools resulted in an increase of over 20% in first pass review document scores. Increased performance and efficiency has resulted in increased savings; the QM department was able to reduce personnel by more than 70%, yet experienced an increase in production of over 75% per person.

Additionally, CHA’s QM department maintained our company’s good standing with our ISO 9001:2015 and NAVSEA 04RP certifications through a strong internal audit program, CHA newsletters, and improvements to our automated QM Document Review process. As the Compliance director, Ed Myers guides this small, yet effective department comprised of team members Kara Weaver, quality manager; Kelley Oubre, quality control manager; and O’Max Williams, quality technician.

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Who in the world of CHA is Michelle Flordeliz?

This month it’s our pleasure to introduce you to Michelle Flordeliz. She is a Project Manager at CHA and is assigned as our Project Management Office’s (PMO) representative to our largest department, Training Development (TRADEV). One of a great group of big brains toiling away in the small meeting room PMO calls home, Michelle manages TRADEV like a pro. She is currently working on her PMP (Project Management Professional) certification and judging by how well she’s doing at CHA, we’re pretty sure she’ll have that certification in no time!

Michelle has been with CHA for almost three years (2 years, 10 months, but who’s counting?) and loves the camaraderie, flexible schedule, and work/life balance. She truly appreciates that management trusts you can get your job done without being micromanaged and is a huge fan of the honesty and transparency CHA is proud to provide. We think she makes it easy by being the ultimate team player. She is always eager to learn and is just about one of the easiest-going people we’ve ever met. Watch out though – she’s a wicked prankster (and can usually pull pranks and crack jokes with a straight face) and is willing to try anything once. We’re guessing it’s because she values education and training more than anything and everyone knows experience is a great teacher.

When she isn’t ensuring TRADEV’s project health, Michelle loves hanging out with family. As she says, “Family is a big deal! Family time is a huge part of life.” She and her family spend their time on the water, on their bikes, or on road trips when they aren’t shuttling back and forth between sporting events, practices, or school functions. In addition to all the family time, Michelle loves surfing, snowboarding (we’re pretty sure she travels for that), softball, and basketball. She isn’t just an athlete though; she’s also an avid fan. So much of a fan that she actually roots for TWO professional football teams: the Green Bay Packers and the Miami Dolphins. In between the sports she plays or cheers on, Michelle loves being on the water and at the beach. Add in music concerts and great food (she’s a self-professed “foodie” who loves to both taste and cook) and she’s just about the perfect resident for our neck of the woods.

Michelle herself is not a military veteran, but she has spent her entire career primarily in support of the DoD/Armed Forces. She is a veteran of government agencies, which makes her a perfect fit at CHA. Michelle believes CHA is making the strategic moves necessary to become a key player in areas other than our current wheelhouse. She is especially excited about the advances we’re making in regard to creating a more advanced approach to training – such as our C-ARTS and AR/VR efforts – and is proud to be a part of it.

It may not come as a surprise that Michelle is mechanically inclined, though she thinks it might. She loves taking things apart, seeing how they work, and putting them back together. She says she can diagnose an issue, dismantle an engine or other mechanical component, fix it, and reassemble it, especially if there’s a YouTube video she can reference. Not really surprising since she’s so passionate about training and learning new things, but if you’re in the office and want to challenge her mechanical prowess, feel free. After all, she’s willing to try anything once!

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CHA awarded FAA contract

Cape Henry Associates (CHA) was recently awarded a federal contract to support the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with services under the Electronic FAA Accelerated and Simplified Tasks (eFAST) program. The contract award is set to run up to September 30, 2024. CHA will provide services that fall under several functional areas including Computer/Information Systems Development, Documentation and Training, and Engineering Services. Chuck Wythe, CHA’s chief revenue officer, said, “This FAA win is another strategic goal accomplished for CHA. We are executing our game plan, and the timing couldn’t be better. We have grown our offerings substantially since our proposal submission two years ago. We’ve obtained our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification, built up our engineering and system integration capabilities, developed new product lines, and matured our business processes. We really are excited about bringing those solutions to the FAA.”

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Who in the World of CHA is Madeline Fulp?

Madeline Fulp (or Maddie, as we know her) is an Instructional Systems Designer (ISD) with CHA. She’s been with CHA for 3½ years taking content from various source documents and altering it to meet training needs and objectives. She’s one of our powerhouse employees who makes complicated tasks appear easy and fun. From Day One, Maddie has embraced the office relationships she has made, so it’s not surprising that Maddie says her favorite thing about working at CHA is her coworkers. She values the atmosphere of creative positivity CHA fosters and we can certainly attest that she is one of the reasons we’re happy to come to work each day.

Maddie is smart, determined, driven, and caring, all qualities that make her invaluable to CHA. When she says she gives everything to whatever she undertakes, she is not exaggerating. One of her greatest strengths is how much of herself she puts into everything she does to produce the best product she can. This is especially evident any time she is helping someone else. Maddie has one of the biggest hearts we’ve ever seen.

Maddie is not a veteran herself, but is a proud Navy spouse. Her husband of three years, Justin, is a Fire Control Technician Second Class (FT2) and is currently serving on a submarine. The two are loving “fur parents” to Sven, the “best Jack Russell-Beagle mix ever.” Although Justin sometimes likes to joke that Maddie loves Sven more than she loves him, we all know that isn’t true (most days, anyway).

When she’s not giving everything to us here at CHA, Maddie can usually be found on a softball field. She’s played the sport since she was 3 years old and played Division II softball at Brevard College (go Tornadoes!). She plays rec ball these days, but wishes she could be playing more. When Justin can tear her away from the softball field, the two love attending concerts, traveling, cheering on their favorite sports teams in person, dancing, or visiting family in North Carolina.

It was difficult to find something no one knows about Maddie. But with some expert digging, we learned she is quite musically inclined! She’s been playing the piano since the age of 5, can play any saxophone (though her favorite is the baritone sax), and also plays the clarinet. She’s one of those people who can usually pick up any instrument and figure out how to play it.

CHA will be doing great things in the future if Maddie has anything to say about it. Her vision of just how far we can go is inspiring and motivational. We just hope the Navy doesn’t take her away from us any time soon!

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Who In the World of CHA is Brandon Russell?

You may have seen the name Brandon Russell if you’ve visited the CHA website in the past few days. He is one of our software engineers, and he recently earned one the toughest IT security certifications there is, the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) certification. Brandon’s ability to earn such a difficult certification comes as no surprise to us here at CHA, so we wanted to share a little about this amazing person alongside whom we have the privilege to work.

Brandon has been with CHA for five years and during that time he has taken advantage of multiple opportunities afforded to him for furthering both his education and his career. Combine his desire to push himself to new limits both academically and professionally with a lot of hard work, resourcefulness, self-motivation, and an easy-going spirit for collaboration, and you get a really clear picture of who Brandon is. He challenges those around him to be the best they can be and helps to create the type of work environment where cutting-edge ideas can be pushed even further than thought possible.

While Brandon himself has never served in our nation’s military, both his parents are 20+-year Navy veterans. That background made him a natural fit at CHA and with our mission to support our military with the best possible products in the VR/AR industry. Brandon has committed himself to continually seeking knowledge in pursuit of this goal. We are thrilled to have him on the CHA team.

When not at CHA, Brandon enjoys spending time with his fiancée, whom he plans to marry later this year. What time he doesn’t spend at CHA or with his fiancée, Brandon spends in various outdoor pursuits, hanging with friends, hitting the gym (he’s a HUGE fitness nut), or computer programming. Even when he’s not in the office he can’t keep away from computers – which works out very well for us!

His love of computers, software engineering, and his commitment to using VR/AR solutions in support of the military make it difficult to believe what he revealed to us in advance of this blog post: he has never seen Star Wars! Never. Not one single film. We just might have to tear Brandon away long enough to rectify this situation. If we succeed, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, should you happen to stop by the CHA offices and run into Brandon, feel free to heckle him about this particular pop culture deficit.

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CHA’s Brandon Russell earns CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner certification

Cape Henry’s Brandon Russell has earned what is often listed as one of the toughest IT security certifications, and the only hands-on, performance-based practitioner certification at the advanced skill level of cybersecurity: the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) certification.

Brandon serves on the Cape Henry team as a Software Engineer and will use the skills he has developed earning this certification to navigate the implementation of cybersecurity-related solutions and policies for Cape Henry Associates.

“We are so proud of Brandon and appreciate his efforts to add value to the company by obtaining this extremely important certification,” said John Jackson, Cape Henry Associates CEO.

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CHA honored as one of Virginia’s Fantastic 50 for second year

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – May 1, 2018 – Cape Henry Associates (CHA) earned a spot on the Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s Fantastic 50 list of fastest growing businesses in the Commonwealth for a second straight year. CHA and fellow award winners were recognized at the 23rd annual Virginia’s Fantastic 50 Awards Banquet held at the Westfields Marriot in Chantilly April 26. Almost 450 participants from around Virginia attended.

“We are pleased to recognize the fastest growing businesses from across the Commonwealth,” said Barry DuVal, president and CEO of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. “We are glad to toast the entrepreneurial spirit of these Virginia business leaders and the dedicated employees who have brought these companies continued success.”  

Virginia’s Fantastic 50 is a signature event of the Chamber and the only annual statewide award recognizing Virginia’s fastest growing businesses. To be eligible, a company must be privately held with headquarters in Virginia, show revenues between $200,000 and $200 million, and demonstrate positive revenue growth and positive net income in its most recent fiscal year over the previous year. Companies are judged on a four-year revenue history. The professional service firm Dixon Hughes Goodman verifies all award entries.

CHA’s second consecutive placement on the Fantastic 50 list highlights a path of success that has defined the company over the past few years. “We are proud to be in such good company with our back-to-back Fantastic 50 awards. It’s great to be recognized for the hard work the team has put in over the last few years,” said Chuck Wythe, Cape Henry Associates chief revenue officer. “We’ve grown our competencies and capabilities; strengthened our program management, quality, and financial control systems; obtained our ISO certification; and successfully entered some new markets. It’s exciting to be in a space where we can take advanced technologies like virtual reality, mixed reality, and data science and marry them with the wisdom and knowledge of our subject matter experts to deliver powerful new tools and training to our clients.”

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