CHA’s Jay McGovern named to Navy League board

Cape Henry Associates (CHA) Project Management Office (PMO) Director Jay McGovern has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Hampton Roads Counsel of U. S. Navy League (HRCNL), becoming the second CHA employee on the board of one of the most active Navy League organizations in the United States. A 14-year Navy Veteran, Jay began working with Cape Henry in 2007 as a weapons system analyst. He advanced within the company and eventually found himself leading the newly formed PMO, a position that keeps him abreast of the latest technologies affecting the Fleet. As Cape Henry Associates grew into a corporate affiliate of the HRCNL, Jay was selected to participate as a representative of the company.

Jay was born into a Navy family and grew up in a Navy town. He attended boot camp and “A” school in Great Lakes, where he quickly fell in love with the Navy esprit de corps. After “C” school in Dahlgren, Va., he was ready for the Fleet. Jay’s various tours were filled with opportunities to work with and for individuals and Navy leaders in a wide range of challenging situations, further fueling his enthusiasm for our U.S. Navy. His recent appointment to the Navy League board shows his continued commitment to our Navy and this community.


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CHA gathering toys for Virginia’s girls and boys

This year, Cape Henry Associates (CHA) is proudly embracing the opportunity to be one of Santa’s helpers. In partnership with ForKids, CHA is collecting toys for children who may not otherwise receive Christmas gifts. To date, more than 100 toys have been collected and more are expected before the end of this year’s drive.

ForKids is a Virginia organization that helps families, through a variety of services, break the cycle of homelessness and poverty. It is among the largest providers for homeless families in the state. This year, ForKids has provided housing for 370 families with almost 800 children. Contact ForKids to help.

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CHA attends 2017 I/ITSEC Conference

Cape Henry Associates (CHA) attended the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) during the last week of November in Orlando, Fla. I/ITSEC, held annually, is the largest conference of its kind in the world and is organized by the National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA), a subsidiary of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA). Representatives from CHA were able to meet and talk with congressional members who directly influence training and simulation at the congressional level. In addition, they had the opportunity to hear from keynote speakers General David G. Perkins, Commanding General, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, and Don Ariel, Co-Founder and CEO of Raydon Corporation; as well as participate in the 3rd year of the Operation Blended Warrior program (OBW). OBW’s goal is to address the integration of the Live, Virtual, and Constructive disciplines into one dynamic tool over a four-year period. Finally, CHA attendees had the opportunity to learn about and comment on the concerns facing our military services as they seek to remain at the height of readiness during a time of declining budgets and expanding threats. It was a week well spent interacting with numerous international entities all dedicated to making training, simulation, and education the best and most effective it can be.

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Congressman Scott Taylor visits CHA

Cape Henry Associates (CHA) was pleased to welcome United States Representative and former Navy SEAL Scott Taylor to our offices Monday, Nov. 20. The congressman, who represents Virginia’s 2nd congressional district, enjoyed a tour of the Virginia Beach headquarters, spending time with corporate leadership and learning about the many services CHA has to offer. Among the primary topics of discussion were the recent Lighthouse Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase III award and the innovative new training facility, Carrier-Advanced Reconfigurable Training System (C-ARTS), a platform allowing almost every modality of training content to be delivered at the point of need. We were also happy to discuss our recently awarded Army and Navy contracts with Mr. Taylor, as he shares CHA’s dedication to providing the best service to those who serve in uniform in defense of America.

Ed Crawley (Instructional Systems Designer) and Congressman Taylor

Ed Crawley (Instructional Systems Designer) and Congressman Taylor

Congressman Taylor and Wendy Weinbrecht (Purchasing Agent)

Congressman Taylor and Wendy Weinbrecht (Purchasing Agent)

Ty Hoang (Procurement Project Manager) and Congressman Taylor

Ty Hoang (Procurement Project Manager) and Congressman Taylor

Pat Rowland (TRADEV Program Manager) and Congressman Taylor

Pat Rowland (TRADEV Program Manager) and Congressman Taylor

Charlie Arrants (Vice President) and Congressman Taylor

Charlie Arrants (Vice President) and Congressman Taylor

Ken Reid (Technical Writer) and Congressman Taylor

Ken Reid (Technical Writer) and Congressman Taylor

Congressman Taylor and Rob Gaither (HSI Analyst)

Congressman Taylor and Rob Gaither (HSI Analyst)

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Cape Henry Associates wins C-ARTS contract

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. October 19, 2017 Cape Henry Associates (CHA) was recently awarded a $4.2 million task order under a previously awarded $49.1 million contract for the design, development, and delivery of the Carrier-Advanced Reconfigurable Training System (C-ARTS). C-ARTS is a mobile, scalable, reconfigurable High Velocity Learning Environment (HVLE) powered by CHA’s Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Lighthouse technology product. Lighthouse HVLE C-ARTS supports the realization of the Navy’s Ready, Relevant Learning (RRL) initiative as part of Sailor 2025 and moves training closer to the point and time of need. From the instructor controls and scheduling to the virtual reality repositories and student analyses, Lighthouse provides all control and access functions to a C-ARTS system-of-systems specifically designed to deliver the most advanced learning content available. Under this task order, Lighthouse is being further developed for inclusion of the Experience Application Program Interface, or xAPI.

“This task order is exceptionally special to us here at CHA, as it validates the incredible scope and potential for Lighthouse utilization,” says Chuck Wythe, chief revenue officer. “The SBIR pedigree of Lighthouse gives program managers the authority to contract with CHA on a sole-source basis for the technology under the SBIR phase III guidelines. It is a success story for the SBIR program and one we intend to repeat. Utilization of Lighthouse within Manpower Personnel and Training initiatives provides for unprecedented exposure to discrete data associated with a final training system or solution. We can link truly empirical data such as platform mission requirements all the way through to a learning event. This type of provenance combined with training system production analytics provides decision makers with better data, and the ability to make better decisions. The Lighthouse HVLE as delivered for the C-ARTS program will be the most advanced, empirical data-driven training technology agnostic, reconfigurable, mobile learning solution available.”

About Cape Henry Associates:

Founded in 2004, Cape Henry Associates (CHA) is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) specializing in Manpower Analysis, Personnel Analysis, and Training (MPT) services. Cape Henry Associates is a SeaPort-e prime contract vehicle holder and owns a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) technology, Lighthouse, for sole source contracting for MPT products and services. We employ a staff of more than 150 people, 69% of whom are veterans. With an overall on-time delivery of 99.5% for required deliverables, we take pride in the reputation we have built as the go-to company for all things MPT.

Media Contact Information:

Jessica Bertsch


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CHA wins DAGRS contract

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. October 11, 2017As a subcontractor to Fulcrum IT Services LLC, Cape Henry Associates (CHA) was recently awarded a multimillion-dollar contract in support of U.S. Army requirements for Deployable Adaptive Global Responder Support (DAGRS). The contract, worth $480 million over an expected five-year period, names eight other companies in addition to Fulcrum. “We are proud to be expanding our Army support services with another Army win,” says Chuck Wythe, CHA’s chief revenue officer, “and look forward to working with Army on the DAGRS program through our prime partner Fulcrum IT.”

CHA will provide the coordination and technology-based capabilities necessary to enable Army, Joint, and other responder missions, including the development of prototype technology and system integration and assessments to support DAGRS and the advancement of technology and modern warfare. “We are excited for this opportunity to bring our analysis services to this new customer,” says CHA’s chief executive officer, John Jackson, “and to grow this new relationship based on our unique offerings while expanding the utilization of our Lighthouse technology.”

DAGRS contract work is expected to run through August 2022, or August 2026 if all options are exercised.

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CHA Wins V3 Grant Award

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe presented Cape Henry Associates (CHA) with the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) V3 Grant Award September 28, 2017, at the 5th Annual Awards Summit in Richmond. Governor McAuliffe and Virginia Department of Veterans Services Commissioner John. L. Newby II recognized CHA for its continued work in hiring and retaining veterans of all services. CHA currently boasts a 69% veteran workforce and has exceeded its goals for veteran hires across the board. Accepting on behalf of CHA was Vice President Charlie Arrants, who reiterated the pride CHA takes in being a “veteran-owned, veteran-employed” company.

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CHA awarded multimillion-dollar U.S. Army contract

Virginia Beach, Va. ­­– September 20, 2017 The U.S. Army Contracting Command has awarded Cape Henry Associates (CHA) a three-year, $49 million hybrid contract to mature an advanced Human Systems Engineering (HSE) Lighthouse framework and discrete functional modules.

As a business process, integrated framework, and workflow application toolset that captures, correlates, and analyzes disparate datasets, Cape Henry Associates’ Lighthouse product provides the data granularity required for leaders to make better decisions. The use of Lighthouse in Manpower, Personnel, and Training (MPT) analysis, requirements definitions, and production of training systems gives stakeholders the visibility that has historically been out of reach. “By providing better tools to collect and analyze data, we are ultimately contributing to the workforce of our Armed Services by allowing the stakeholders to make better decisions about manning, maintenance, and training,” says John Jackson, Cape Henry Associates’ chief executive officer.

Chuck Wythe, Cape Henry Associates’ chief revenue officer notes, “For Cape Henry Associates, this contract win further validates our veteran workforce’s expertise in MPT requirements. We hope this win will facilitate further growth of that workforce and better enable our seasoned warfighters to continue their contribution of excellence to their branches of service.”


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Cape Henry Associates wins DAGRS Contract

Cape Henry Associates (CHA), as subcontractor to Fulcrum IT Services LLC, has been awarded a contract to support U.S. Army requirements for Deployable Adaptive Global Responder Support (DAGRS). The contract, worth $480 million over a five-year period, is expected to run through August 2022. Eight other companies, in addition to Fulcrum IT, are named in the award.

CHA will provide the coordination and technology-based capabilities necessary to enable Army, Joint, and other responder missions. This will include development of prototype technology and system integration and assessments to support DAGRS and the advancement of technology and modern warfare.

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CHA’s Edward W. Myers named PDC-HR president

Cape Henry Associates Director of Quality Management Ed Myers was recently named president of the newly formed Professional Development Consortium of Hampton Roads (PDC-HR). The PDC-HR is a nongoverning business league of professional development organizations located in and around southeastern Virginia. PDC-HR performs activities dedicated to improving the conditions of professional development, including strengthening member chapter management, building relationships among member leadership, and promoting public awareness of professional organizations as a whole.

“The PDC-HR is a place where the leaders of Hampton Roads’ professional organizations can connect, collaborate, and coordinate on common goals and challenges,” Ed says. “Currently the PDC-HR’s founding members are volunteer leaders from ASQ Tidewater, HRISPI, ICF Hampton Roads, IIBA Hampton Roads, and SEVA-ATD.”

In addition to being quality management director at Cape Henry Associates, Ed is a senior member of ASQ, a certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE), Certified Quality Auditor (CQA), and a member of PMI pursuing Program Management Professional certification (PgMP). A 31-year U.S. Navy Service-Disabled Veteran, he has a master’s degree in organizational management from Cambridge College and a Bachelor of Science in interdenominational studies from Excelsior College.

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