CHA wins Roaring 20 Award

Virginia Beach veteran-owned small business wins Roaring 20 Award

Virginia Beach, Va. – November 17, 2015 Inside Business has announced the names of the companies that have exhibited exceptional growth and were awarded the prestigious Roaring 20 Award. Twenty Hampton Roads businesses were chosen by a distinguished panel of business and financial experts who evaluated each applicant on a number of factors including financial fitness, overcoming obstacles, and long-term sustainability. Cape Henry Associates (CHA) was among the award recipients.

From CHA’s humble beginnings as a three-person team to their current one of more than 150, they stand behind the work each one of their employees does to support our nation’s military. Over 75% of CHA’s team is made up of veterans, with more than 1,000 years of active duty service combined.

“There are few measurements better than getting outside recognition that all of the hard work we are exerting to build a world-class B2G company is moving us in the right direction,” said Jon Drews, CEO of CHA. “We are pleased to be serving our armed forces in Virginia Beach where the available talent to build our team is, simply stated, top-shelf.”

In winning this award, CHA is recognized for their outstanding achievements that reach far beyond the Hampton Roads to support governmental and military operations across the nation and the world.

About CHA:

Cape Henry Associates, Inc. (CHA) was founded in 2004. CHA is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business specializing in providing Manpower, Personnel and Training (MPT) services as well as other professional services. Their team of experienced professionals performs research and qualitative and quantitative analysis, and develops solutions to satisfy client requirements. CHA is committed to providing outstanding products and services resulting in client satisfaction. CHA ensures that proven work procedures and quality control processes are utilized to guarantee all services are performed correctly, on time, and within budget. CHA has built a reputation as the go-to company for all things MPT.

Media Contact Information:

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Cape Henry Employee Joins US National Team for Second Year

Wood24Congratulations to Laurie Wood, a Cape Henry QA Analyst and a second-season member of the USA Women’s Sled Hockey Team! Sled hockey, an adaptive form of ice hockey, has been growing in popularity across the world since its creation in the 1960s. This year’s tryouts were the most competitive and largest in the team’s history after the team won Gold in last year’s inaugural International Paralympic Committee World Cup.

Laurie is no stranger to the ice, having played sled hockey for more than two years almost immediately after leaving the hospital. She is also a member of the USA Warriors, a team comprised of disabled veterans, and the Virginia Beach Hockey Club Sled Team. To prepare for national tryouts, Laurie built her endurance, strength, and balance by cross-training with kayaking/paracanoeing and weight-lifting, and practiced skills by shooting against the side of her house.

Laurie looks forward to being part of the national team for the second season because “wearing and representing the red, white, and blue again is an incredible feeling. It’s being a part of something bigger than yourself. It’s an opportunity to be a role model to other women and girls who have a disability and being able to show them that they can do this too.”

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Cape Recognized By Virginia Governor

Governor McAuliffe Presents First V3 Veteran Employment Grant Awards

~Grant to foster the continued growth of the New Virginia Economy~

McAuliffe, Cape HenryRICHMOND Governor McAuliffe today honored the first recipients of the V3 Veteran Employment Grant at a special ceremony held at ICF International in Fairfax.

V3 Veteran Employment Grants are awarded to qualifying companies that take part in the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Program of the Virginia Department of Veterans Services.  The V3 Program works to educate and train employers throughout the Commonwealth on the value veterans bring to Virginia’s workforce.  Through the V3 Program, employers develop strategies to recruit, hire, and retain veterans, maximizing the productivity of their workforce.  The 300+ V3 companies have pledged to hire over 12,000 veterans, with over 10,000 veterans already hired.

Speaking at today’s ceremony Governor McAuliffe said, “Capitalizing on the talent, motivation, leadership, and commitment that veterans bring to Virginia’s workforce is essential to building the new Virginia economy. The V3 Veteran Employment Grant is an innovative way to help more veterans transition into civilian life by connecting them with employers who will benefit from their unique skills and training.”

The first recipients of a V3 Veteran Employment Grant are ITA International and Cape Henry Associates.  “ITA International is a longtime member and supporter of the V3 Program, and has hired 82 Veterans since 2012.  Cape Henry Associates is a brand new V3-certified company which truly understands the value of veterans,” said Andrew Schwartz, V3 Program Manager.

Targeted at companies with 300 or fewer employees, the new V3 Veterans Employment Grant is designed to increase participation in the V3 Program and encourage the hiring of talented and dedicated veterans.  V3 employers may apply to the V3 Program for a $1,000 grant for veterans that have been hired and retained for one year, up to a maximum of $10,000 per company per year.  Veterans must have been out of the military for one year or less when hired, and must be paid at least the prevailing average wage for the locality in which they work.

The V3 Program has received national recognition as an innovative and highly successful approach to connect employers with transitioning veterans and for the Program’s emphasis that hiring a veteran is an investment with an outstanding return.

“DVS extends its appreciation to ITA International, Cape Henry Associates and all certified V3 Employers.  I join Governor McAuliffe in applauding their collective commitment to investing in Virginia’s workforce.  Hiring a veteran is a commitment that will have an immediate, impactful, positive return for these businesses,” stated John Newby, Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Veterans Services.

The V3 Veterans Employment Grants are funded through a $500,000 appropriation approved by Governor McAuliffe and the 2015 General Assembly, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis until available funds are exhausted.

V3 Veterans Employment Grant applications must be submitted through the V3 Program website at

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Cape Awarded First V3 Veteran Employment Grant

CapeV3Cape Henry Associates, Inc. (CHA) has been named one of the first-ever recipients of the V3 Veteran Employment Grant and was honored by Virginia Governor McAuliffe in Fairfax on July 22, 2015. Receiving the award for the company was Charlie Arrants, Vice President.
The V3 Veteran Employment Grant was created to assist and recognize organizations with 300 or fewer employees who work to hire veterans and who are also members of the Virginia Values Veterans Program. As participants of the V3 Program of the Virginia Department of Veterans Services, CHA has participated in educational and professional development programs and developed strategies to maximize the productivity of the organization by working to truly integrate, place emphasis on, and retain a veteran workforce.
As a recipient of the V3 Veteran Employment Grant, CHA will have access to additional resources to help foster their veteran employees’ transition from military to civilian life. CHA looks forward to continuing their tradition of excellence in working side-by-side with the nation’s veterans.

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Cape Henry Associates Project Focus Of Media Attention

Improving Operations on Deck Systems in the United States Navy


media1VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – July 21, 2015 – (Marine NewsWire) As its mission centers around ships going to sea, the United States Navy (U.S. Navy) relies heavily on the execution of evolutions on weather decks where equipment and personnel are often exposed to the sea and its dangers. It is no surprise that this is an important aspect of shipboard life with crews devoting significant funding, maintenance, and training towards ensuring proper operation and execution of deck systems and events ranging from the launch of a small boat to the launch and recovery of landing craft. Despite this historic need within the fleet, the U.S. Navy did not place emphasis on deck systems until recently.


Modeling a new training concept from the Ballistic Missile Defense Self-Assessment Groom Training (SAGT) method and procedures, the U.S. Navy launched the LPD 17 Class Ship Deck Self-Assessment Groom Training (D-SAGT) in 2010 under the direction of Mr. Kelly Schneider. Implemented by PMS 317 across the entire class, the D-SAGT employs a blended learning solution by combining “classroom learning” with “hands-on training” to convey theory and knowledge to multiple ratings. Provided by a Mobile Training Team (MTT), the D-SAGT MTT utilizes the “own-ship” as the classroom, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars versus brick and mortar solutions, while providing sailors with training on their own systems.


media2The D-SAGT consists of two phases. The first phase involves reviewing all associated material and conducting a detailed assessment of the deck systems. The second phase incorporates high quality training on selected systems with lesson plans, trainee guides, and examinations. This system of training complements the on-going evolution-based training provided by the Afloat Training Groups as it helps maintain system readiness and preparedness to conduct deck evolutions across all ship classes.


“We know from course feedback that D-SAGT has provided immeasurable value to our sailors,” stated Pete Brennan, the D-SAGT MTT lead. The U.S. Navy must agree as it has embraced the process and continues to expand the program. Continuing from the success of the pilot delivery aboard USS NEW YORK (LPD 21) in May of 2010, more than nine ships from the LPD 17 Class have completed the D-SAGT, leading to its designation as a Program of Record, which has led to planned implementation across all major surface ship classes.


media3The success of the program prompted the U.S. Navy, under NAVSEA PMS 339 sponsorship, to pursue the development of training curricula for the LHD 1-8, LSD 41/49, DDG 51, and CVN 78 class of ships as well as add additional instructors to the Atlantic and Pacific Afloat Training Groups to support delivery of the training. “This endeavor is a success story between government and industry. We are training our sailors in a cost-effective manner while ensuring they are receiving the best training solution available,” stated Kelly Schneider, PMS 378/Future Carriers Training Manager.


By implementing the training effort, the U.S. Navy addressed a crucial aspect of shipboard operations that can help support mission success. In the long run, this will only serve to improve the overall operations of the fleet.

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