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Professional Services

Planned Maintenance Systems (PMS) Evaluation and Technical Document Support
Maintenance Gap Analysis (MGA)
SEAOPS (Safe Engineering and Operations) Manuals
Engineering Change Request (ECR)/Ship Change
Document (SCD) Analysis
Life Cycle Support Plans (LCSP)
System Acquisition and Life Cycle Support
Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution
System (PPBES) Inputs
Ship/Activity Acquisition and Life Cycle Support


Navy Training Systems Plan (NTSP) Development
Training Content Development
Front End Analysis (FEA) Support
Self-Assessment and Groom Training (SAGT)
Training System Installation Plan (TSIP) Development
and Implementation
SMART Classroom Design and Installation

Manpower Analysis & Personnel Analysis

Initial Ship/Unit Required Operational
Capabilities/Projected Operational Environments
Manpower Validation Studies
High Driver Analysis
Billet Saturation Analysis
Manpower Estimate Reports (MER)
Preliminary Ship/Fleet Manpower Documents
Billet Training Profiles (BTP)
Human Systems Integration Plans (HSIP)

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