Cape Henry Associates (CHA) Project Management Office (PMO) Director Jay McGovern has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Hampton Roads Counsel of U. S. Navy League (HRCNL), becoming the second CHA employee on the board of one of the most active Navy League organizations in the United States. A 14-year Navy Veteran, Jay began working with Cape Henry in 2007 as a weapons system analyst. He advanced within the company and eventually found himself leading the newly formed PMO, a position that keeps him abreast of the latest technologies affecting the Fleet. As Cape Henry Associates grew into a corporate affiliate of the HRCNL, Jay was selected to participate as a representative of the company.

Jay was born into a Navy family and grew up in a Navy town. He attended boot camp and “A” school in Great Lakes, where he quickly fell in love with the Navy esprit de corps. After “C” school in Dahlgren, Va., he was ready for the Fleet. Jay’s various tours were filled with opportunities to work with and for individuals and Navy leaders in a wide range of challenging situations, further fueling his enthusiasm for our U.S. Navy. His recent appointment to the Navy League board shows his continued commitment to our Navy and this community.