Welcome to another exciting peek at one of our stellar members!

This time we’re featuring Ed Crawley. Ed is an Instructional Systems Designer for CHA and has been with us for two years (or two years and five months if you want to be entirely accurate, which Ed appreciates). Basically, he meets with every client and conducts a job analysis with them. This helps CHA determine the best training solution for the client’s individual situation. In addition, Ed puts his 20 years of naval experience and his degree in education to good use developing training products for various courses, working directly with the instructors and subject matter experts to ensure technical accuracy and organization of subject material. Ed says he loves “helping people decipher information to get to that ‘A-ha!’ moment.”

Ed is a happy guy with a big laugh, and he loves to help people. His favorite thing about working at CHA is the people (we concur). He loves the blend of military and non-military personnel who each bring a different kind of energy to the table and a lot of different perspectives when faced with varying challenges. He thrives in this environment and hopes to continue being one of the key people helping CHA “push the training products we develop into a more immersive development.” He looks forward to being on the cutting edge of the transition from more traditional teaching models to the highly interactive training solution CHA is pioneering.

When not treating us to his distinctive laugh and great personality, Ed spends time with his sweetheart, Emily, and their two children, daughter Jasmine, who is 18, and son Eddie, who is 11. Jasmine is a senior in high school this year with plans to attend Old Dominion University and major in sports medicine, as well as play soccer for the Division I Lady Monarchs. Eddie is a tech guru and a league swimmer. Ed spends much of his time away from CHA supporting his children in their endeavors. When he does have a free moment, he enjoys watching movies or riding his motorcycle.

A bit on the modest side, Ed is always focusing on others and their accomplishments. But we were able to glean a little-known fact about him: when he was stationed in Naples, Italy, he played rugby with the NATO Lions and sang with a rock-and-roll cover band in local Italian bars. So, the next time you visit CHA, track down Ed and ask him to sing something for you. He probably won’t, but you just might get to hear him laugh – and that alone will make your day.