Have you ever wondered exactly what type of services Cape Henry Associates (CHA) offers? You can break down what we do into three categories: Professional Services, Training, and Manpower/Personnel Analysis. There is a lot of overlap between the three categories so we can offer comprehensive services to our clients. For example, our Lighthouse technology, developed exclusively by CHA, can be used to successfully complete Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts or be used as the command and control center within an advanced learning environment. Here’s a look at three areas in which CHA excels at producing and providing the absolute best product available.

Everything we do is with the aim to provide the best, cutting-edge services to our clients. Our Configuration-Based Requirements Analysis service, or CoBRA, is our approach to Training Gap Analysis. Using the aforementioned Lighthouse technology, CHA’s CoBRA team analyzes data from disparate sources to provide a comprehensive picture of manpower and training information. The CoBRA team applies the Navy’s “no action prior to verification” concept to ensure its information analysis processes are the most accurate in the business. This is why CHA is one of the primary providers of Availability MPT Planning and Implementation to the Navy’s nuclear-powered aircraft carrier fleet.

Our services’ founding pillar is Systems Analysis and Training Requirements, or SATR. SATR is CHA’s way of analyzing future assets and changes along with present-day assets and training to develop practical training options that reflect our expert knowledge of systems operations and our rigorous analysis of operating content. Our expertise and unique SATR program have ensured our continuous service to six NAVSEA commands since 2009.

At the heart of everything we offer is the idea that we are providing the tools necessary to help our clients become the best they can be; this is what makes our Training Development (TRADEV) department so important. CHA’s TRADEV team is comprised of 23 first-rate professionals who between them have more than 346 years of work experience. These talented individuals regularly produce training content on time, often despite significant challenges. TRADEV’s dedication to state-of-the-art, computer-based training that is available anywhere, anytime has made them sought after worldwide.

The quality of our services continues to improve rapidly thanks to the dedication and quality of our employees. For more information about any of these services, or others we haven’t discussed yet, visit our website. There are lots of facts about how and where our services are helping our clients be the best they can be, as well as more in-depth information about how our services are implemented.