You may have seen the name Brandon Russell if you’ve visited the CHA website in the past few days. He is one of our software engineers, and he recently earned one the toughest IT security certifications there is, the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) certification. Brandon’s ability to earn such a difficult certification comes as no surprise to us here at CHA, so we wanted to share a little about this amazing person alongside whom we have the privilege to work.

Brandon has been with CHA for five years and during that time he has taken advantage of multiple opportunities afforded to him for furthering both his education and his career. Combine his desire to push himself to new limits both academically and professionally with a lot of hard work, resourcefulness, self-motivation, and an easy-going spirit for collaboration, and you get a really clear picture of who Brandon is. He challenges those around him to be the best they can be and helps to create the type of work environment where cutting-edge ideas can be pushed even further than thought possible.

While Brandon himself has never served in our nation’s military, both his parents are 20+-year Navy veterans. That background made him a natural fit at CHA and with our mission to support our military with the best possible products in the VR/AR industry. Brandon has committed himself to continually seeking knowledge in pursuit of this goal. We are thrilled to have him on the CHA team.

When not at CHA, Brandon enjoys spending time with his fiancée, whom he plans to marry later this year. What time he doesn’t spend at CHA or with his fiancée, Brandon spends in various outdoor pursuits, hanging with friends, hitting the gym (he’s a HUGE fitness nut), or computer programming. Even when he’s not in the office he can’t keep away from computers – which works out very well for us!

His love of computers, software engineering, and his commitment to using VR/AR solutions in support of the military make it difficult to believe what he revealed to us in advance of this blog post: he has never seen Star Wars! Never. Not one single film. We just might have to tear Brandon away long enough to rectify this situation. If we succeed, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, should you happen to stop by the CHA offices and run into Brandon, feel free to heckle him about this particular pop culture deficit.