This month we are featuring a nearly brand-new CHA employee, Kristen Dixon. Kristen is a Junior Instructional Systems Designer (ISD) here at CHA and describes her job as, “basically technical writing. I take information from manuals provided by the client and turn it into digestible, classroom instructor-led lessons.” She’s been at CHA for just three months, but has already ensconced herself in the CHA family.

Kristen loves that CHA is focused on what one can offer professionally while still fostering a family-style environment. She was seven months pregnant at her interview and loved that no one even batted an eye. As she says, “Not only did they hire me, they even threw me a baby shower.” Of course! CHA loves any excuse to celebrate our employees and their milestones!

Kristen is smart, quick-witted, loyal, and open-minded. She loves learning and making people laugh with her sarcastic commentary or sardonic sense of humor. Kristen will go to great lengths to support people or causes she believes in, and we’re glad she believes in CHA.

Kristen and her husband, Waymon, have been married since June 2017 and recently welcomed their son Luke into the world. Luke joins his big (dog) sister, Flurry, a gentle and loving pit bull mix. The whole family recently relocated to Hampton Roads from Clearwater, Florida. Kristen is a native Virginian whose parents are living the retired life in Norfolk, making this a perfect place for them. When not working her magic at CHA, Kristen enjoys the beach and pretty much any water-related activity. But she’s most happy hanging out at home in her pajamas with her dog, her husband, and that new baby boy. Who can blame her?

Kristen loves what she’s doing at CHA and sees a lot of growth potential, both in her job and in CHA. She hopes to be a part of the innovative, creative, supportive environment at CHA for quite some time. From what we’ve seen so far, she’s welcome!

One interesting fact about Kristen is that she can recite almost every word of the movie Fletch. Why Fletch? Next time you’re in the CHA offices, stop by Kristen’s desk and ask her.