From brand-new to well-seasoned. We’re excited to feature a longtime CHA employee and member of our Project Management Office this time around. Scott Sones has been with CHA for 10 years (his anniversary is Sept. 22). He works with functional managers to provide project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and close-out functions. He’ll tell you it’s straightforward stuff, but juggling all those unplanned events and costs makes his job very interesting. We’re impressed he can make the craziness of the unexpected look so mundane!

Scott loves that CHA provides a small business feel with a sense of transparency and self-sufficiency. That, along with our clients, has made 10 years fly by very quickly. We’ve certainly seen Scott grow professionally in his time here and the skills and knowledge he has gained continue to make him a very valuable team member.

Although Scott would say his goal-oriented, analytical personality makes him seem aloof at times, we see his ability to focus so intensely on a project as an asset, giving us confidence it will be as near to perfect as it can be before our client sees it. He loves to analyze every aspect of something, to pick it apart and figure out exactly what it needs to be for a specific client. Couple that with a desire to understand why a client wants something means that Scott’s projects give the client precisely what they want. So, while Scott might think he’s remote and aloof, we know he’s simply so focused on our clients’ needs that we’re sure to deliver the highest-quality product to them.

Scott spent 20 years serving in the United States Navy and retired as a Senior Chief. When asked about his service, Scott describes it as his “good fortune” to have spent so long dedicated to his country’s needs, and truly enjoyed all the world travel he accomplished. But his absolute favorite things in life are his wife of 28 years, Paula, and their two daughters. Scott and Paula are fortunate to have both adult daughters living in the Hampton Roads area and they all meet once a week to catch up and stay connected. In between time spent with family, Scott and Paula love traveling around the region with friends, trying micro-breweries, and working on classic cars.

Scott is proud that while CHA has grown more technology-focused over the years as Lighthouse continues to evolve, we’ve maintained our core competency within the MPT domain. He believes that in the next few years CHA will develop computer-based training products and technological solutions not previously employed. It’s because of people like Scott that CHA will succeed in these fields and we look forward to his contributions as we move forward.

Scott claims to not have any crazy, fun, hidden facts. He describes his life as “relatively simple.” We think he may be a superhero in disguise, but will respect his right to keep that a secret. His deepest desire is to someday travel the world with Paula. He spent 20 years with the Navy traveling the world, but he wants to share those kinds of experiences with Paula. So, stop by and give him your favorite international destination next time you’re in the office. IF you can pull him away briefly from his intense focus on CHA’s stellar clients.