As we begin the holiday season, it’s fitting to celebrate another of our Cape Henry Associates rock stars, Aron Wilms. Aron has been with CHA for just 15 months, but in his role as Human Systems Integration Analyst he has already made a positive contribution to the stellar support we offer our military clients. His expertise gained while managing and developing naval courses transitioned seamlessly into his current work laying down the foundation of new courses. We are lucky to have him and his passion for serving our military!

Aron is one of the most honest, hardworking, and passionate people you could ever hope to work alongside. His passion, especially, for our clients is inspirational. He’s so determined to provide the best possible products to our clients that he says he can be too “over-calculating” at times. Whatever he means by that, the truth is he always delivers a well-thought-out, precise product and thrives on the daily challenges we throw at him here at CHA.

In fact, Aron will tell you one of his favorite things about CHA is the challenging assignments. That, and the ability to continue to work and interact closely with Navy program offices, in-service engineers, and shipboard personnel, as this allows him to remain close to a service to which he dedicated 26 years of his life. Add in CHA’s commitment to balancing professional and personal priorities, and Aron believes CHA may just be the perfect way to continue to serve and find meaningful, worthwhile employment.

We’d expect nothing less from a man who over the years has served as a Chief Electronics Technician and a Master Training Specialist, and worked with the White House Communications Agency. In addition to his outstanding naval service, Aron’s joy and purpose lie with his wife, Janet, a pharmacist, and their three very accomplished children. Their son, Sean, is a senior at Jacksonville University majoring in marine biology and is currently in Australia studying for a semester. Their daughter Shannon is a freshman at Longwood University majoring in psychology with a minor in art. She plans to foster the new study of neurology diversity. Their youngest daughter, Kaitlyn, is a fifth-grader who pitches for her U10 travel softball team, swims, and plays piano, and loves competing in robotics/engineering. Kaitlyn, we’ve got our eye on you! CHA is a great place to work – just ask your dad.

When Aron isn’t impressing us at work, he loves coaching softball, spending time with his family (we can definitely see why), kayaking, fishing, and watching sports. He’s a big fan of The Ohio State University, the Washington Redskins, and the Washington Capitals. He also enjoys fantasy football, listening to music, and playing poker.

Aron sees himself as part of CHA for years to come. He plans to pursue a master’s degree in information systems or human resources as a way to be an even more effective contributor to CHA, with a goal of someday being a department head. We’re pretty sure, given what we already know, that Aron will achieve whatever goals he sets out to accomplish. We know we’re pretty lucky to work with him already, so we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

We asked Aron, as we do everyone, what fun fact few people know about him. He told us he is a third generation U.S. Navy Sailor. That’s right, third generation. His grandfather served as a gunner’s mate in WWII and his father as a boiler technician during the Vietnam War. Aron is the first of his family to retire from naval service and the first of his family to earn a college degree, and with honors. Is it any wonder we hope he never leaves CHA?

Next time you’re in the office, stop by and thank Aron for his service. Or ask him for fantasy football recommendations. Or for the location of his favorite fishing hole. He may or may not tell you, but we can guarantee that any conversation you have with him will be worth your time!