We are happy to continue our “Who in the World” blog series this year. We learned so much about our stellar employees last year and can’t wait to share some more outstanding CHA rock stars with you this year! And we can’t imagine a better person to start off 2019 than Paul Mikovits.

Paul has been with CHA since March 2011 and currently serves as a Senior Human Systems Integration (HSI) Analyst. Paul is involved in many of the manpower, training, and personnel projects here at CHA that directly support the U.S. Navy when it comes to new equipment, systems, and ship classes. As with many of our employees, Paul cites the people who work here as one of his favorite things about CHA (we’re in full agreement!), but he also loves all the opportunities he’s had over the nearly eight years he’s been here, working projects with just about every department we have.

Paul’s hardworking, detail-oriented approach is just one of the things we love about him. His personal motto, “One Team One Fight,” is something he brings to every level of both his personal and professional lives. He says, “I try to put people and relationships before personal reward, financial or otherwise.” He loves being part of a cohesive team working toward a common goal. In other words, Paul is the consummate team player. His ability to put himself into a team mentality and to focus on the best outcome for the group or project is one of his greatest strengths and one of the many reasons we hope he continues to call CHA his work home.

Paul definitely understands “service before self,” as he spent 26½ years serving our country in the U.S. Navy. Paul worked both as an Ocean Systems Technician Maintainer (OTM) and as a Sonar Technician Surface (STG), retiring as an E8 (Senior Chief Petty Officer). He was stationed in Dam Neck, Virginia, Norfolk, Virginia, and Ford Island, Hawaii. He brings an incredible amount of experience and knowledge to his work at CHA.

Paul is a devout family man. His faith and his family are the two most important things in his life. His wife, Leslie, works as an office manager for the Chesapeake Humane Society. As Paul says, “She basically gets to cuddle kittens and puppies all day.” His two sons are a source of pride as well. His older son, Jon, is a straight A student at Southern Virginia University and is married to Maddy. His younger son, Daniel, is an old soul who is continuing his family’s military service. He has enlisted in the Navy as an Aviation Support Equipment Technician.

In his free time, Paul loves to attend Old Dominion University football games, leads a men’s Bible study group, and watches classic movies with his family. He enjoys anything physical like biking, jogging, and hiking, and NFL season has him rooting passionately for “America’s Team,” the Dallas Cowboys.

Paul sees a bright future for CHA. He believes that in five years we will still be the leading veteran-owned Manpower Analysis, Personnel Analysis, Training (MPT), and Curriculum Development defense contractor in Virginia, and he hopes to be a part of that. We have to say, Paul, we hope you are, too.

We always like to include one fun, previously unknown fact about our spotlight employee. Remember we said Paul had once been stationed in Hawaii? Well, it just so happens he was an avid surfer while he was there, and even called the famous North Shore home. The next time you’re at CHA, stop in and ask Paul for some of his stories. We promise it’s worth the time. Or get him to debate whether the Dallas Cowboys truly are “America’s Team.” All in good fun, of course!