We’re excited to spend a little time with Casey McClay, one of our stellar Instructional Systems Designers (ISDs). Like many CHA employees, Casey wasn’t sure why we wanted to highlight her in our blog series since she’s such a “boring” person, but we’re pretty sure you’ll agree that, like all our employees, Casey is anything but boring!

Casey has been an ISD at CHA for 2½ years and spent 1½ years doing the same job for KOVA before she came to us. Although Instructional Systems Designer sounds very cool (at least to us), Casey prefers to view her career as that of a technical writer. She loves delving into data and focusing on how that data can be manipulated for different purposes, depending on the audience and the overall function of a document. Yes, Casey is “that person,” and because of her unique talents CHA’s data is well-scrubbed and accurately portrayed. Which pretty much makes her a rock star in our book.

With Casey’s penchant for data, is it any wonder that one of her favorite things about CHA is the sheer amount of data we house? She loves when different teams get together to talk and collaborate, seeing how we can approach the same process many different ways but all arrive at the same result. That provides endless opportunities for learning something new and Casey loves discovering new ways to learn. In addition, she enjoys the very modern approach to employment and business practices at CHA. She loves that CHA is concerned about employee welfare and dedicated to helping employees achieve a “breathable environment” where collaboration and civil discourse take precedence over office politics. Since we work hard to ensure all our employees’ voices are heard and respected, we’re glad that Casey notices and appreciates us as much as we do her.

Casey would have you believe she’s quiet. Well, maybe she is if you don’t share an office with her! She is constantly full of new and interesting conversation and that makes the workday fly by. A creature of habit who is not really fond of change, she is, however, one of the most open-minded people we know and is truly able to see and appreciate all sides to a problem and solution.

Although not a veteran herself, Casey comes from a long line of veterans. Finding herself employed by a military contractor does not come as a surprise to her as both of her parents currently work on DoD programs. She’s used to the military way and has a passion for serving our country in her own way. She and her dog, Orion, have lived in the Hampton Roads area for several years now and have formed a pseudo-family unit with friends and co-workers, something our military families know all about.

We love that when we asked, Casey said her nonwork hobbies all involve the creative process. From cooking, gardening, and crafting to more technical hobbies like auto repair, Casey keeps her mind busy and always learning. She even sometimes finds herself critiquing the documentation relating to her various hobbies and losing focus on the project at hand while mentally rewriting it! She also admits that there are weeks when she becomes a couch potato, binging video games like when she was a teenager.

Casey plans to make CHA her work home for the foreseeable future. She wants to see us continue our involvement in training and branching out to develop other publications. She’d love to get her hands on more technical documentation and find more and better ways to present it to have a major impact on someone else’s learning capabilities. We’re pretty sure this is her dream job and if it keeps her here, we may have to find a way to make this happen.

Casey is pretty much an open book. Did we mention that she thinks she’s quiet? Yeah, not so much. We do know a lot about her, even that she’s a Taylor Swift fan, surprising as some might find that. She’s positive that if she ever got to meet the entertainer, she’d be making that “ugly-cry face” preteens make. So, next time you’re in the office, stop by and meet Casey. Ask her what her favorite Taylor Swift song is or ask her to make the “ugly-cry face.” Either way, we guarantee you’ll be entertained. Just don’t get her started on data presentation unless you’re as big a data nerd as we are. Whatever you talk about, we’re positive you won’t think her quiet or boring!