O’Max Gardner Williams III has been with CHA for three years as one of our Quality Control managers and one of our Audit Coordinators. True, the word “audit” doesn’t always have the best connotation, but O’Max and his team are responsible for making sure we at CHA remain in compliance with ISO requirements, and for that we owe them a huge thank you! His attention to detail makes him a standout Quality Control manager, so with O’Max around, CHA never worries that we’ll release products that aren’t up to standards.

You’re probably wondering about his name: O’Max Gardner Williams III. There’s always a story to go with those family names, isn’t there? O’Max’s story is very cool and involves the 57th governor of North Carolina. Way back when O’Max’s grandfather was born, Oliver Max Gardner (no relation) was running for governor. His name was often printed in the newspaper as O. Max Gardner, and so O’Max’s great-grandmother named her third son Omax Gardner Williams – combining the politician’s first initial and middle name. Fast forward a few decades to when Omax Junior started receiving mail at the same house as his dad…the apostrophe was added to Junior’s name to help differentiate between the two. Today, O’Max proudly bears his unique name and has continued the tradition with a slight variation: his son is named Oliver Max (just like the original inspiration), but if he decides once he’s grown that he wants to be the fourth O’Max, the current O’Max won’t complain! We bet North Carolina’s 57th governor never knew what a family tradition he inspired!

When he’s not explaining the origin of his name, O’Max enjoys the flexibility of his work schedule. With two small children at home  ̵  the aforementioned Oliver Max, who is 3, and Quinn Rose, who is 1 – the fact that CHA understands that life happens is truly appreciated. Plus, he really loves his bosses. We agree, O’Max, CHA has the best bosses anywhere!

Although those of us who work with him might think O’Max is pretty reserved, that’s only half of the story. Outside of work he’s quite entertaining. He loves joking around, debating sports, and being silly with his kids. This makes sense because he is crazy proud of his children and has spent the last eight years working part-time for Chesapeake Parks, Recreation, and Tourism in the athletics department, supervising youth and occasionally adult sports events. He also plays and coaches adult coed kickball. We really think CHA should field an adult kickball team and nominate O’Max to be the coach! As you might expect, being outdoors and being part of a diverse community are important to O’Max, and he loves that he can combine both at CHA.

O’Max believes CHA will only get better. With employees like O’Max ensuring we release high-quality products, we agree we can only improve and expand on the technology and products we offer in support of our armed services. O’Max says he hopes that in five years or so he’ll have a CHA office with a view (window) and a door. We’re pretty sure if he’s set that goal, he’ll achieve it!

For now, you can find his proverbial door open as he is always ready to help or just engage in conversation. So next time you’re in the CHA office, stop by and say hi. Since you already know the story of his name, you can ask him about his favorite sports teams or set a date to show off your mad kickball skills. Rumor has it you can find some serious adult kickball competition in our area!