A common theme among CHA employees is a true love of the work-life balance we strive to create here. So, this time we’re focusing on a member of our team who used to work in the CHA office, but now performs her duties primarily from her home office, creating awesome work product while caring for her busy toddler.

Monica Landrum is one of our stellar Instructional Systems Designers. She loves her job and could, truly, go on for days about what she does. Simply put though, she takes raw, technical material and turns it into easy-to-read, easy-to-learn material to be used in training. Monica has been with us for five years now and truly excels at her job.

Her favorite thing about CHA is (surprise, surprise) the work-life balance she is able to maintain. When she was physically in the office she loved seeing her coworkers all day. We don’t blame her; one of our favorite things about CHA is the people who work here. The ability to take a sometimes challenging job and make it fun and interesting (Monica’s words) is what fosters the creativity and team spirit we’re so proud of at CHA. Now that she works remotely, Monica’s absolutely favorite thing is how adaptable CHA is. She is able to work from home, but still feel included in the workday. As an aside, Monica asked that we give Jackson Wages, IT director, a shout out from his favorite “problem child.” His ability to fix whatever it is she messes up makes her job so much more manageable from any location while at the same time making her feel she’s still a part of things.

According to Monica, she is an overall goofy person who has somehow been blessed with a decent bit of intelligence. She is goofy, in the best way, but we’d say she has inherited more than “a decent bit of” intelligence. She is a very people-oriented person, which she finds ironic since 95 percent of her day is spent alone working at a computer. We’d argue that her people-oriented personality is exactly why she’s so good at her job. She can take that above-average intelligence and couple it with an innate ability to know just how someone needs to receive the vast amounts of training material she produces. Only someone who truly understands people can manage what Monica does.

Monica herself is not a veteran, but she is a Navy “brat” through and through. Both her father and her stepfather are Navy veterans and she kept the tradition going by marrying a Navy vet. She and her husband are the proud parents of a 2-year-old son and a soon-to-be-born daughter. Perhaps one of them will carry on the proud Navy tradition in Monica’s family. For now, she and her former submariner husband are kept busy chasing after a rambunctious toddler and preparing to discover what life is like with a daughter. Throw in their beloved Olde English Bulldog, Marley, and the family is complete.

When she’s not producing amazing training materials for CHA, Monica is busy spending undistracted time with her son. While the terrible twos can be taxing, she loves watching him learn and grow into his personality. After her daughter is born, she plans to enjoy a glass of wine or two here and there and continue to spend undiluted time soaking in her family.

Monica hopes she’s still with CHA five years from now, whether it’s back in the office or remote. She sees CHA as the go-to contracting company for manpower and training analysis, in large part due to the strong, reliable reputation we have and continue to build with our customers. She considers CHA to be an important part of her life and hopes to be a part of things for a long time to come. We’re pretty sure her wish will come true.

When asked for a little-known fact about herself, Monica told us that a long, long time ago she knew a LOT of line dances. She whiled away many evenings at the Eagles Nest in Chesapeake dancing with her best friends. In fact, her “sweet dance moves” snagged the attention of her now husband. So, it isn’t an urban legend; some people really do meet their future spouses in a bar. Line dancing. It happens. Maybe you’ll get a chance to ask Monica about that someday. Until then, she’ll be happily producing training for CHA. And probably bugging Jackson for IT help.