The Carrier-Advanced Reconfigurable Training System (C-ARTS) continues to impress as it is integrated more and more into the Navy’s training programs. Since its introduction by Cape Henry Associates (CHA) last year, the number of C-ARTS being ordered and delivered is growing. The baseline system, CHA’s award-winning Lighthouse-powered High Velocity Learning Environment (HVLE) as configured for the C-ARTS program, is bridging the delivery gap between brick-and-mortar schoolhouses and the Fleet.

Designed as part of the Navy’s Sailor 2025 Ready Relevant Learning (RRL) initiative, C-ARTS has been well-received from day one as a more economical alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar schoolhouse build-out with the added benefit of bringing the training to the point of need. From concept to delivery, the initial order only took a short 16 months to complete. Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), Admiral Bill Moran (then VCNO), visited some of the first C-ARTS trailers at CHA headquarters in Virginia Beach last year and noted the “really impressive” acquisition speed while being briefed on the SBIR Phase III rapid acquisition strategy utilized by PEO Carriers.

Currently, C-ARTS is serving crews of the CVN 78 ship class. What better way for the next generation of warfighter to train than with the next generation of training delivery? Check out the video to see what C-ARTS is all about and how it is revolutionizing the Navy’s training game.