Jay McGovern is a Navy veteran who proudly served for 13.5 years before a significant knee injury sidelined his military career and (luckily for us) brought him to Cape Henry Associates (CHA). Jay started as an analyst here, and held several positions before landing in his current role as Project Management Office Director. He feels all he’s learned during this time serves him well in his current position, where he leads a team dedicated to ensuring all awarded projects remain within scope and come in at or under budget.

Jay grew up in a military town and comes from a military family. He doesn’t know a time when he didn’t have a plan to enlist and serve his country in the military. He joined when he was 22 and parted from the Navy as an E-6. Jay wanted to find a company that would allow him to continue to serve our active duty forces and feels fortunate to have found a like-minded business that would allow him to continue the life of service he’d always lived. Twelve years later, Jay will tell you his favorite thing about CHA is our dedication to the warfighter, particularly our commitment to deliver ready, relevant training to the point of need in customizable ways. Jay believes this critical training is vitally important in order to mitigate knowledge atrophy and to build a set of career and life skills that will help our active duty military members long past the time of their military service.

Over the course of Jay’s time at CHA, he has observed an organic growth toward providing high-quality, state-of-the-art services across the entire spectrum of Manpower, Personnel, and Training (MPT) requirements. “Our desire is to develop training curriculum that is well received by the government,” Jay emphasizes, and this is something he is passionate about. CHA, according to Jay, is committed to ensuring our warfighters are equipped with the very best training possible. “We desperately want to ensure that commands are getting the right person, in the right place, at the right time, and with the right skills,” he says. That commitment is why Jay has stayed with CHA.

While the company has become a go-to for military services in the areas of MPT, Jay wants to see us reach out to those in the civilian sector who could benefit from our services. Ideally, he’d like to start with providing services to local and state entities who are tasked with providing for the welfare of our citizens. Jay sees expanding into local and state government sectors as a natural outgrowth of CHA’s service-oriented mindset.

Besides the services and unique technologies CHA offers its clients, Jay loves working with his fellow employees. “I have truly enjoyed the people that I have been so very fortunate to work with and for,” he states. “They look at problems from a unique viewpoint and offer dynamic solutions. They are not afraid to seek the input of others to gather diverse opinions and implement a solution that is workable within the constraints placed.” For Jay, this is an extension of the kinds of working relationships he first developed in the Navy and he loves the growth and learning that come with these relationships here at CHA. The best memories Jay has of CHA are of the people with whom he works. Besides meeting some incredible people and forming lasting professional relationships with them, Jay says, “I have learned to be a better person from each of them.” If that isn’t the very definition of the kind of healthy workplace we at CHA strive to achieve, we don’t know what is. It’s people like Jay who have worked to make CHA the success it is. Just like Jay, CHA is better for having the good fortune of hiring him 12 years ago!