The last couple of years have been exciting ones at Cape Henry Associates (CHA). We saw the Carrier-Advanced Reconfigurable Training System (C-ARTS) stand up from start to finish in an impressive 18 months! Since the first C-ARTS High Velocity Learning Environment (HVLE) went into service, the United States Navy has seen significant strides forward in its training technology capabilities, ensuring it will stay the premier naval force for decades to come.

While we are, rightfully, quite proud of C-ARTS and the success it’s had, CHA isn’t just about HVLEs. We offer a wide range of services and products. We thought we’d take a few moments to review what we offer beyond the truly impressive HVLE system, powered by CHA’s own Lighthouse technology stack. HVLE falls under our Training Services branch, which provides our customers with the most innovative training available today. From training devices to courseware development to instructional systems and SMART classroom design and installation, CHA is your go-to shop for all training needs.

Our proprietary software, Lighthouse, is the star of our Data Science and Analytics department, which can capture and integrate diverse datasets while providing analysis almost instantaneously. With Lighthouse, CHA can guarantee our clients success against adverse odds.

One of the more exciting areas at CHA these days is our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning department. Powered by NVIDIA NGC, our mobile AI framework is capable of rapid ingestion and processing of a wide variety of data with flexible visualization options. As we move more and more into a technologically savvy world, our AI and Machine Learning department will keep you abreast of the latest technology advances.

Engineering and Logistics is robust at CHA. Using Lighthouse, CHA ensures mission readiness with a variety of services and support options. From maintenance systems analysis to maintenance gap analysis to providing Safe Engineering and Operations (SEAOPS) manuals as well as system installation, our Engineering and Logistics department has much to offer.

Requirements Analysis provides tools to accurately and efficiently identify potential problems, leading to state-of-the-art readiness for our customers. From manpower validation studies to billet saturation analysis and everything in between, our Requirements Analysis tools ensure agility and strength.

Finally, our Research and Disruption department never sleeps. This is the driving force behind our innovative and cutting-edge technology. Here is where exciting developments such as Lighthouse and C-ARTS first start, before being honed and refined. If you have a problem you’re having difficulty solving, or if you just need something better than you already have, check out all the ways CHA can help. CHA has multiple products and services ready to push your organization forward with ongoing success.