John Jackson is our intrepid chief executive officer (CEO) and as such, a crucial part of the success Cape Henry Associates (CHA) has enjoyed over the last few years. John has been with CHA for six years now. He began his CHA career in 2014 and was named chief operating officer in 2015. He has occupied the CEO’s office since 2017.

John is a 12-year Navy veteran who served as an Electrician’s Mate and Nuclear Field A School instructor as well as a Navy diver. John’s military service was something he always planned on doing, though he originally thought he’d serve with the United States Air Force. But every time he went to visit the recruiter’s office, the Air Force recruiter was nowhere to be found. The Navy recruiter was happy to step in each time and talk with John about the Navy. The Air Force’s loss was the Navy’s gain and John’s experience in the Navy has transitioned well to his abilities to further CHA’s commitment to bringing top-notch training and manpower capabilities to our military services.

One of the things John most loves about his post-Naval career choice of CHA is the atmosphere. It’s a true entrepreneurial environment with people who make it a joy and a privilege to come to work. With that kind of vibe, John can rest easy, assured that CHA will continue to produce cutting-edge products that will keep our armed forces the very best in the world.

John’s seen a lot of growth in CHA during his six years here. He cites maturity as one of the areas we’ve seen the most progress. By that he means that our organization has become even more disciplined and process-oriented since his arrival. From ISO certification to compliance with PMI and export standards, CHA has become a true contender in the military contractor field. CHA has a depth that few other small contracting companies can boast and continues to strive to add to its knowledge base as well as its ability to offer a wide-range of products and services.

When asked about his leadership philosophy, John was quick to point out that he views his position as that of a coach. If he can provide an environment where those he works with feel they have the freedom to make decisions while backed by the guidance of those who may have a little more experience, then that translates into everyone feeling they have contributed to and own CHA’s successes. When everyone is vested in the success of a product or service outcome, it frees them to dream bigger and better the next time around while gaining confidence in their own abilities.

John’s favorite CHA memory so far has been the SBIR purchase in 2015. That has catapulted CHA into so many critical success stories and given us a solid foundation from which to grow. With a “coach” like John as our CEO, we know CHA will continue to garner recognition as a top military contractor and solutions provider as well as grow into our full potential, all while producing state-of-the-art products and services for our clients.