Here at CHA, we believe a collaborative environment fosters the best and most innovative ideas. Teamwork really is at the hallmark of everything we do, from dreaming up the “impossible” to delivering those dreams to our clients. In the spirit of that philosophy, we’re launching a new blog series titled “CHA Speaks,” where we will hear straight from our employees about all kinds of topics CHA – some serious, some more lighthearted. Since we do dream big, we decided to start with a simple question: “Where do you think CHA will be in 10 years?”

We’re happy to report our employees overwhelmingly believe we’ll still be around in 10 years. Not only that, but as one put it, “We’ll be a big company, but with small-company attention to detail.” We wouldn’t have it any other way. Keeping that small-company dedication to detail is exactly what our clients have come to expect from us and we’ll continue to deliver cutting-edge products that don’t cut corners.

Many of our employees echo the idea that CHA will only grow and expand. We heard that a lot, but almost always with the caveat that it would be with a focus on the products and services that have helped us make our name. One put it quite succinctly: “CHA will be earning bigger contracts, but continuing to do what it does best.” Another said, “We’ll have an increased presence on the West Coast to coordinate MPT, specifically with C-ARTS operations.” Some weren’t sure we’d be a “big company,” but did say we’d be “growing a bit more, but not too much.” We hear and we’re listening. Any growth we make will be considered and executed with precision planning.

When asked more specifically what CHA might be doing in 10 years, we also heard a lot of consensus opinions. “Still at the forefront of helping DoD/DoN develop manpower and training solutions for future Sailors and the systems they’ll operate”; “Leading the industry”; and “the number-one MPT provider with exponential C-ARTS growth” were some of the responses we got. Several referenced our work with AR/VR/MR technologies. “We’ll be actively involved in AI and virtual training” as well as “at the forefront of AR/VR/MR technologies as the go-to company for AR/VR/MR development.” It’s an exciting time to be a part of the technology development world and we’re eager to explore the various ways these technologies can be applied.

Overwhelmingly, our employees answered with an understanding that they would still be part of CHA in 10 years. “We’ll be Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger,” said one employee. That might be what we’re most proud of: assembling a team of dedicated, hardworking visionaries who not only know how to dream the (seemingly) unattainable, but have the practical knowledge and skills to make the “unattainable” the next big offering our clients haven’t even yet imagined they need.