If you follow us on social media (and we sincerely hope you do), you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been featuring some quotes from our incredible employees about what CHA means to them. We believe that asking questions sets you on a path of discovery that might end in some truly innovative ideas. So, we’re taking some time this year to ask our employees all sorts of questions about CHA, our mission, our future, and where we can grow. It’s all in the interest of ensuring we’re operating at peak health so we can continue to deliver the best products to our clients in the cutting-edge, on-time manner they’ve come to expect.

We wanted to know just what our employees think about CHA, and what their impressions are of what we do, who we are, and why we’re where we are today. “Everyone truly cares about the end result being the best possible,” one employee told us, and it’s a sentiment we’re hearing a lot. It’s about a focus on making sure our products are the best they can be from concept to reality and they’re right—we are absolutely dedicated to producing state-of-the-art and beyond products to our clients because they are in the business of changing the future and we want them to be confident they have what they need to do so.

“The quality that CHA emphasizes and implements for each and every product is what I love the most,” said another employee, echoing another sentiment we hear frequently. “The most admirable part is the commitment to the products and programs because of a genuine concern for the training of the Sailors. It is not always about the bottom line.” It’s true and we agree: it shouldn’t be all about the bottom line. As referenced in the quote above, one of our clients is the United States Navy, and we truly believe it is imperative to provide products that “focus on ensuring our warfighters are equipped to win the fight.” Which is why, as that employee explained, “We push to do the right things by the warfighter.” And that doesn’t always mean we’ll make the most profit, but we will provide deliverables that “keep our national resources sharp and ready. There’s no more important thing.”

Others touched on how reassuring it is to work for a company that is so dedicated to the process of delivering “the right product on time and on target.” This sentiment was echoed most by the veterans who now work alongside us. “Being on this side [after three decades of active-duty service], I really appreciate all the hard work that goes into the final product delivery,” said one such employee. Another appreciates that “we work directly with the Sailors to get their feedback and tailor our products to ensure they are effective to those who will use them.” Yet another highlighted how that dedication touches on all aspects of the process, especially when it comes to quality assurance. “The double, triple, sometimes even quadruple check on each document before it goes out the door just shows that what we produce to the Fleet matters. As a reservist, I know that the products I am helping to produce could one day help me out at sea, and I can be assured the work was done correctly.” That’s why we do what we do: so our clients will know that what we’ve given them will work, work well, and exceed their expectations.

Still other employees touched on how CHA remains focused on the future. “CHA is ambitious,” said one, “I like that.” Ambition, with purpose, is what we’re all about and why we especially like hearing that not only is that recognized, but that other employees agree. Another stated that that ambition is clearly seen in “the dedication CHA has to develop its employees by mentoring, cross-training, and giving them the opportunity to grow within.” We believe in our employees and in encouraging them to chase the things that interest them. It’s, hopefully, the reason why, as one employee concluded, “our products, such as C-ARTS, are proof that CHA was and will be ahead of the curve.”

Here’s to looking to the future. According to our employees, it’s bold and bright. Who are we to argue? After all, our employees are the heartbeat of our organization.