We’re going on the record now that we love the alliterative nature of the name of this month’s superstar employee, Lisa Loggins! Lisa has been with CHA for about six years and is, according to the nametag on her door, one of CHA’s Manpower, Personnel, and Training (MPT) team leads. While she still serves in that role, she has also taken on the role of Logistics Coordinator for the Carrier-Advanced Reconfigurable Training System (C-ARTS). She directs, supervises, and administers procurement and inventory management functions for the soon-to-be five C-ARTS training facilities. Lisa is currently leading the development of manpower and training requirement documents for the CVN 78-class carriers while keeping up with the day-to-day support of the four C-ARTS facilities already in place and supporting the build of a fifth facility.

Lisa spent 20 years of active duty as a Navy Logistics Specialist. That experience and her analytical, efficiency-oriented personality make her a natural in MPT and Logistics. Her incredible attention to detail, whether in content or format, makes her an invaluable member of the CHA team. That, combined with her ability to always find a more efficient way to perform any given task, makes her someone we’re hoping to keep around for a long time.

As with many of our amazing employees, one of Lisa’s favorite things about CHA is the work-life balance she achieves here. The flexibility to take life as it comes and integrate work into it allows Lisa to focus on that minute attention to detail she has both at work and at home. The freedom she feels to be able to take care of life events when they happen without worrying about missing out at work makes her a happier and more efficient team member. (Noticing a focus on efficiency here? So are we!) We’re happy she feels that way, as a healthy work-life balance is important to us.

Lisa met her husband (of nearly 27 years!) Dan while both were serving in the Navy. They are the proud parents of Sean, 22, and Emily, 17. Sean works full time and Emily is a high school senior. In addition to their two industrious children, Lisa and Dan are kept busy with two dogs whom Lisa refers to as their “Craigslist dogs.” Both are rescues, one coming all the way from Bosnia via the nonprofit organization The Tanzie Project. The Tanzie Project was founded by an Air Force veteran after seeing all the homeless dogs in Bosnia.

In the small amount of free time she has outside of work and family commitments, Lisa enjoys creating paper craft projects and gardening. COVID has put a pause on her participation in craft fairs, but she still creates because, as she says, “I have to do something with the immense amounts of paper I have managed to accumulate.” That may be her reason, but we’re pretty sure it’s because she’s immensely talented.

Lisa loves how much CHA has grown in the six years she’s been here. She hopes to see CHA continue to grow in the next five years, and she aims to have a logistics team working with her in support of the increasing number of C-ARTS facilities CHA manages.

As with everyone we highlight, we asked Lisa to share something others might not know about her. She let us know that back in high school she discovered her fear of heights standing on scaffolding while decorating large windows for school activities. Fast-forward a few years and she found herself in the Navy working with Explosive Ordnance Mobile Unit Two at Little Creek. She had the opportunity to participate in a training exercise that included hanging from a helicopter. Strangely enough, that fear of heights was gone and the aerial tour she received was a highlight of her time there. It may seem odd that hanging out of helicopters isn’t scary, but decorating windows is. The next time you’re in the office, stop by and say hi to Lisa, and ask her about it.