We recently told you a little bit about FogLifter, our proprietary stand-alone, scalable, secure, and fully dedicated mobile Artificial Intelligence (AI) framework, powered by NVIDIA NGC. We gave you a little of the history of how and why we developed it and teased a bit about what it can do. Now, we’d like to take a moment to break down some of FogLifter’s incredible capabilities.

First, what it can do:

  • Powerful analytics. FogLifter possesses the ability to ingest large amounts of data and analyze it rapidly, providing powerful visual displays of those results.
  • User-configurable filtration and user free-form investigation of AI Interesting Artifacts. User roles can be assigned and findings easily filtered, based on user history and search parameters while also allowing full search flexibility.
  • Machine Learning (ML) experimentation and training. Data experimentation via prototyping.
  • Flexible visualization. Results are provided in user-friendly formats and are easily run and read on your preferred mode of export.

Now for a bit on the preliminary experimentation with FogLifter. For test purposes, FogLifter was configured to ingest raw, unstructured data of 120GB. Keep in mind that these numbers are from a Minimally Viable Product developed in conjunction with KOVA Global over an 18-month period, so real-world application may produce much faster, even more impressive results.

1. Image Analysis

  • Processed 36,224 images
  • Ran 181,120 jobs
  • Batches of 1,000 images
  • 5 image features
  • Results in under 2 hours using 50 calls per second limit quota

2. Video Analysis

  • Processed 223 videos
  • Ran 1,165 jobs
  • Batches of 20 videos
  • 5 video features
  • Results in less than 24 hours using 20 concurrent jobs limit quota

3. Document Analysis

  • Processed 100,000+ documents
  • Batches of 10 document archives
  • 6 document features
  • Results in roughly 17 hours using 10 concurrent jobs limit quota

FogLifter truly is a game changer with implications for multiple industries including government, financial services, building and development, education, and energy and utilities. Contact us for more information.