Simply put, FogLifter is CHA’s proprietary product that is a stand-alone, scalable, secure, and fully dedicated mobile Artificial Intelligence (AI) framework powered by NVIDIA NGC. It’s capable of taking large amounts of raw data and analyzing it rapidly and accurately in a variety of ways, providing solutions for any number of industries from government to financial services to education, energy, and utilities.

FogLifter was initially designed with assistance from the Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF) to address the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)’s need for fast, autonomous sort, search of threats, and exploitation of captured media, but it quickly became clear that its scalable, secure, and mobile qualities could be adapted for a variety of other applications.

Working in partnership with KOVA Global, CHA developed the first generation of FogLifter in a short 18 months. Initial results were a large number of images processed in under two hours, with video analysis results in less than 24 hours. FogLifter is completely scalable and can be reconfigured in almost limitless ways to perform numerous functions. With the ability to be re-created from scratch on a new instance in under 10 minutes, FogLifter is leading the way in data analysis.

In initial testing for the DIA, FogLifter gave the department the ability to expedite processing of intelligence artifacts, changing the possibilities for real-world data collection and analysis. Its flexible technology platform makes access to relevant intelligence rapid, efficient, and accurate giving America’s warfighters an added advantage against all threats.

FogLifter is a perfect example of what CHA can do and our ability to make products that are versatile and relevant to today’s needs. Learn more about FogLifter and other CHA products by visiting our website today.