We love having the chance to spotlight the amazing people who work here. This month is no exception as we finally tracked down the elusive Nosika Fisher, one of CHA’s extremely talented systems engineers, who leads our team of, in her words, “uber smart Research and Disruption engineers.” Nosika has been with CHA for two years this coming September and it’s no surprise, given how she describes her closest coworkers, that she ranks the great camaraderie as among her favorite things here. “We have fun learning new things together and poke fun at each other,” she says. She goes on to explain that she and her coworkers work together as a “well-oiled machine,” playing off each other’s strengths and weaknesses with complete awareness of what each of them brings to the table. It’s that type of culture that has kept Nosika engaged through the stresses and changes wrought by the pandemic this last year.

Nosika is quick to point out that CHA’s employee culture from the top down is a powerful reason to work here. “At most companies, ‘employees matter’ is just a slogan; at CHA it’s reality. It’s the way we operate,” she says. The idea that each individual matters, that everyone’s voice and opinions are heard provides a sense of empowerment that translates into increased efficiency and innovation – something that is directly passed on to our clients.

When we asked Nosika to describe herself, she asked for time to consider her answer. Then she set about polling her family and friends, which if you know her at all is a perfectly Nosika thing to do. She came back with the results and the most common words were, “assertive and confident,” “practical and methodical,” and (naturally) “analytical.” We agree with all of these. These qualities are why the R&D team continues to work so seamlessly even given the challenging work conditions over the last year. The transition to remote work was made easy for her team with Nosika at the helm.

Nosika is a Navy spouse. She and her husband, Michael, have been married for 12 years and have two children: Natalie, who is 9, and Alexander, who is 6. The family also includes two cats. Unsurprisingly, Nosika lists family time as one of her favorite non-work activities. Whether they are cooking, gardening, or going to the beach, doing it with family makes it better. If travel is involved, better yet. Nosika and Michael spent two and a half years in Lima, Peru traveling from there all over Central and South America. They’ve also traveled extensively in the United States and Europe. That travel itch combined with the travel bans we’ve all experienced the last year and a half have made their bucket lists of places to go rather long!

If she can’t travel, though, Nosika is happy to spend time at CHA. She believes the type of growth we’ve seen and the rate of growth we’ve experienced will probably be the standard going forward and she’s hoping to be a part of that growth for a long time, “barring any unexpected changes resulting from military life.” She’s excited about the prototypes the R&D team has been developing in the Artificial Intelligence arena and looks forward to that work coming to fruition soon. You can read more about R&D on our website; we’ve been featuring them throughout this year.

As we do, we asked Nosika to tell us something few people know about her, even those who work with her every day. It didn’t come as any surprise that her answer is related to all that world traveling she likes to do. She speaks FIVE languages: English, Albanian, Italian, Spanish, and French. Whoa. Now we just need Nosika to give us her list of favorite places to travel and we can begin building our own travel bucket list. After all, travel restrictions are lifting across the globe.