An opinion piece by Bryan Clark and Dan Patt published in the July 13 online edition of Defense News states that our Armed Forces need the capability to innovate on the ground now. Big defense spending projects such as new air and sea craft are great, but a couple of decades away from providing the adaptability necessary for today’s military force. In fact, the duo says, the “building blocks of a more adaptable force are available.”

These “building blocks” bring essential Manpower, Personnel, and Training (MPT) solutions to combatant commanders among other military personnel, ensuring they have the innovative, state-of-the-art assets to custom build force protection as needed. “Congress and the DoD have already identified the need for combatant commanders to assemble forces beyond the generic one-size-fits-all force packages provided by the military services,” Clark and Patt claim.

Here at CHA, we are constantly and consistently creating and refining MPT tools for our military services. Products such as the Carrier-Advanced Reconfigurable Training System (C-ARTS) bring training and other tools right to the fingertips of our Sailors. This allows for on-site, on-demand opportunities to train, strategize, and configure military personnel for specific, achievable goals.

CHA’s Lighthouse proprietary technology platform powers like-minded products and services. We are working to enhance and redefine Lighthouse’s capabilities far beyond its current state-of-the-art configurations. With a goal of helping our clients achieve results beyond their imagining, CHA remains a trustworthy partner for our military services and our civilian clients. If you can dream it, we’ll find a way to build it, providing endless building blocks for adaptability applicable to today’s technological needs… and tomorrow’s.