It’s no secret Cape Henry Associates (CHA) has long been enamored with our nation’s military. From our founder on down, we’re largely comprised of people who have served in our nation’s military forces or who are in some way connected to those who have served, and who remain dedicated to preparing and equipping those still serving with the best training and technology possible. Recently, we asked CHA’s employees what impresses them most about our mission/vision for helping prepare our nation’s Armed Forces.

Not surprisingly, the sincerity of our commitment as well as the genuine care we have for those who serve was mentioned often. “The genuine concern is for the training of the Soldiers. It is not always about the bottom line,” to use the words of one colleague who expressed the sentiment of many. Dedication to getting the right product into the hands of those who need it was something else that was widely expressed: “Being largely comprised of veterans, CHA truly understands the problems and needs faced by our Armed Forces and therefore endeavors to meet those challenges with achievable solutions.”

It’s true that our employees’ backgrounds in military service grounds everything we do. Having a concrete understanding of how and what the military needs to maintain its cutting-edge, premier capabilities allows us to intuitively influence what we create and how we implement our products and services.

“On-time and on-target delivery” were also phrases we heard often. As one colleague put it, it’s “our passionate pursuit of on-time product delivery, expertise in MPT, and ability to convey these deliverables to the client in an easy-to-understand way that fills me with confidence that I’m working for the right organization.” That we work directly with the Sailors to get feedback and “tailor our products to ensure they are effective,” offers certainty that not only will we deliver timely solutions, but they’ll be what our military members need, when and where they need them.

C-ARTS, the Carrier-Advanced Reconfigurable Training System, is also still high on the list of things our employees take pride in as it embodies all of what we strive to do for our military clients. “It keeps me excited for the way training is and will be administered into the future. It’s proof that CHA was (and hopefully will [continue to] be) ahead of the curve,” one employee said.

It’s clear we’re excited and honored to be serving our nation’s best and brightest in our Armed Forces. That enthusiasm directly translates to exciting manpower, training, and technology products that truly help transform how our military learns and achieves. We’re thrilled to play a small part in equipping and training the world’s greatest military force.

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