Every so often, we like to shine the spotlight on one of our incredible Cape Henry Associates (CHA) team members. This time, we’re featuring our newest Program Manager, Brian Rumley. Brian has been with CHA for 3 and a half years, and we were his “first civilian company in over a quarter of a century.” We’d say it’s worked out since he’s had a few promotions in his time here and currently operates as one of our Program Managers, a role he describes as “trying to keep the customer singing our praises while ensuring the project stays on time, on budget, and in scope,” though he’s quick to point out there are many team members assisting.

Brian was nervous about fitting into a civilian company after more than 26 years in the United States Navy, from where he retired as a Master Chief. He claims that 26 years means he retired “early” from military service, but he offers that the people at CHA made his transition easy and worthwhile. “My favorite thing about CHA is the people. We have a lot of different personalities here, but they fit well together.” Those diverse personalities meant he felt like he fit right in. “Every profile test I’ve ever taken says I am an introvert, but it’s a fact some may disagree with,” he tells us. “I live by the philosophy that everyone is entitled to my opinion,” he jokes, “so if I have an opinion on a topic being discussed, I will let people know.”

In all seriousness, it’s that willingness to jump in and offer an opinion that makes him a perfect Program Manager – one who understands that it’s a team effort, but sometimes people might need a little direction. “Everyone wants to do the right thing,” he says, “but some just don’t know what the right thing is and need a little help figuring it out.” That’s what Brian does so well. Ensuring that everyone on the team is moving in the same direction means goals are accomplished on time and up to CHA’s standards.

Brian is married with three sons. Now that their sons are older, he and his wife are more often able to participate in one of Brian’s favorite activities outside of work: motorcycle riding. They like to take his bike out for weekend trips, “without having to be worried about kids, the house, or our neurotic little dog.” He’s especially proud of his older son for his service in the Air Force. Now a veteran, Brian’s son is using his GI Bill for school with the hopes of following his dream of owning a car restoration/custom body shop one day. We’re pretty sure Brian will be a frequent visitor.

When we asked Brian about his favorite memories or experiences at CHA, he told us about the very first project he ever worked on. It’s his favorite memory not only because it was his first CHA project, but because working on it helped him settle into his new career. Transitioning from active-duty service to civilian work can be difficult but jumping right into a project that was already in the works, “with a very short development time frame,” helped him focus on his new career. Completing the project on time and on budget, with a very satisfied government client, made him feel his shift from active duty to civilian government contractor was complete. Three and a half years in, Brian isn’t looking back, only forward.

We did ask him to give us a fun fact that not many people know about him. He told us that once, when he was still active duty, he was working crowd control for a presidential visit in France. Tom Hanks was there, and Brian had a chance to meet him. Ever wondered if Tom Hanks is as nice in person as you would expect him to be? Well, Brian has the answer, and it’s a resounding, “yes!”

As we were wrapping up, we asked Brian if he had anything else he’d like to share. Of course, our resident “introvert” couldn’t help himself. He said, “Yes. If you cut a hole in a net, it has fewer holes than it did before you cut it.” Ruminate on that while you check out what CHA has been up to lately, here.