Cape Henry Associates (CHA) goes beyond curriculum and training solutions. We actively work to ensure mission readiness with a variety of services and support options. From analyzing maintenance systems to providing document analysis, or supporting systems acquisition and planning agendas, CHA has the solutions our clients need.

CHA can assist clients with a variety of engineering and logistics needs, such as:

  • Engineering Change Request/Ship Change Document (ECR/SCD) Analysis
  • Life Cycle Support Plan (LCSP) Development
  • Planned and Corrective Maintenance (PM/CM) Analysis
  • Planned Maintenance Systems (PMS) and Technical Document Support
  • Safe Engineering and Operations (SEAOPS) Manual Development
  • Ship/Activity Acquisition and Life Cycle Support
  • System Acquisition and Life Cycle Support

To find out more about how CHA can help you, explore our website. We encourage you to check out our case studies to see how we help our clients achieve their goals and beyond. Want to know even more? Contact us today for further information or to schedule a demonstration.