FogLifter is Cape Henry Associates’ fully managed, turnkey environment for high-volume Machine Learning (ML). As a stand-alone, scalable, secure, and fully dedicated mobile Artificial Intelligence (AI) framework powered by NVIDIA NGC, FogLifter is capable of:

  • Rapid ingestion of a wide variety of data
  • User-configurable filtration of AI Interesting Artifacts (AI/IA)
  • User free-form investigation of AI/IA
  • ML experimentation and training
  • Flexible visualization

In testing, FogLifter was configured to ingest raw, unstructured text datasets of 120GB in minutes, but it’s scalable for much more. It is capable of being re-created from scratch in under 10 minutes to adjust to changing needs. It provides faster access to highly relevant information through skillfully created state-of-the-art technology platforms and can be applied to endless industry needs.

For more information on how FogLifter was used in pursuit of a Defense Intelligence Agency requirements solution, read our case study. For a quick overview of FogLifter’s capabilities, check out our FogLifter resource. Interested in learning more or scheduling a demonstration of how FogLifter can help you? Contact us today.