This installment of our “Who in the world of CHA” blog series features Bryan Olsen, one of Cape Henry Associates’ Junior Training Support Specialists.

Bryan’s team leader, Dylan Lynch, nominated him to be featured, saying, “Bryan is, without a doubt, an invaluable asset to my Team and CHA as a whole. He constantly volunteers himself to assist employees on my Team and employees on other projects.”

In his CHA role, Bryan is responsible for reviewing and analyzing current taskings and responsibilities broken down by specific rates for Navy personnel and identifying ways to improve the training provided. He’s also part of a team working on developing a career map for Navy ratings as part of a system for Navy personnel to take greater control over their career paths.

In the short 11 months Bryan has been with CHA, he’s “revamped the entire Ready Relevant Learning (RRL) CLLC process, saving extensive man-hours while training the entire RRL project team on the new tool. He’s traced 2,101 PS and LSS tasks and identified 1,093 gaps for PS and 587 gaps for LSS,” said Dylan.


Bryan is a Navy veteran who spent 13 years on active duty, finishing as an Intelligence Specialist First Class (E6), so working on improving Naval training is not only a natural fit for him, but a passion project as well. He enjoys the CHA work environment stating, “Although a lot of the time we are doing our work in a virtual environment, it feels very inclusive, collaborative, and relaxed.” That work atmosphere is why Bryan thinks CHA will branch out to support all branches of the Department of Defense in the next few years and why he doesn’t see himself leaving CHA any time soon. “I’d like to be serving as a CHA production manager in the future,” he adds.

A dedicated, hardworking employee, Bryan describes himself as an “equally hardworking and fun-loving, loyal person that my friends and family can rely on.” He attributes his work ethic and loyalty to the man who raised him, his stepfather, who ultimately adopted him when he was 11 years old. “My father has been in my life since I was six months old,” he says. “Having seen a man take control and responsibility for another life that he had no biological connection with left a major stamp on me. He taught me that if you work hard and are a loyal person the rest of the more fun and interesting parts of life come along with it.”

That life philosophy has translated to a wonderful marriage to a fellow Navy veteran and current Naval Reservist with whom Bryan shares 4-year-old Matthew and 1-year-old Isabella. Along with his wife, “who is the rock that keeps our entire house and family going strong,” Bryan says his children are “without a doubt the bright spot of my day.”

The family enjoys doing outdoor activities together, and when he’s not working tirelessly on CHA projects or otherwise enjoying family life, Bryan can be found watching sports, mostly football. As a die-hard Las Vegas Raiders fan, he’s looking forward to the upcoming football season. Football loyalties aside, we’re just glad he’s part of the CHA team.