Before their departure from port, our military customers receive the most innovative training available. From Front End Analysis Support to Training Systems Development, Cape Henry Associates (CHA) ensures our customers are at the forefront of Training & Simulation with comprehensive, state-of-the-art systems and simulations.

  • Training Devices
  • Courseware Development
  • Instructional Systems Design
  • High Velocity Learning Environment
  • Training Systems Development
  • Navy Training Systems Plan (NTSP) Development
  • Training Content Development
  • Front End Analysis (FEA) Support
  • Self-Assessment and Groom Training (SAGT)
  • Training System Installation Plan (TSIP) Development
    and Implementation
  • SMART Classroom Design and Installation

Using advanced, proprietary software, CHA ensures mission readiness with a variety of services and support options. Whether analyzing maintenance systems, providing document analysis, or supporting the systems acquisition and planning agendas, CHA has our clients covered.

  • Planned Maintenance Systems (PMS) Evaluation and Technical Document Support
  • Maintenance Gap Analysis (MGA)
  • SEAOPS (Safe Engineering and Operations) Manuals
  • Engineering Change Request/Ship Change Document (ECR/SCD) Analysis
  • Life Cycle Support Plans (LCSP)
  • System Acquisition and Life Cycle Support
  • Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution System (PPBES) Inputs
  • Ship/Activity Acquisition and Life Cycle Support
  • Training System Installation Plan (TSIP) Development and Implementation
Cape Henry Associates’ proprietary software, Lighthouse, is designed to capture and integrate diverse datasets and provide analysis in one extraordinary, digital warehouse. Whatever a customer’s data or analytic needs may be, Lighthouse gives almost instantaneous service.

Lighthouse Technology

CHA’s Fog Bank division is the force behind our innovative and technologically advanced services, bringing exciting new disruptive progress to our clients and the marketplace.

  • Fog Bank

Cape Henry Associates’ Manpower and Personnel Analysis tools ensure that our customers possess the highest-qualified, most-ready assets and personnel. CHA’s ability to accurately, quickly, and efficiently identify potential problems leads to an agile, strong, and state-of-the-art readiness for our customers.

  • Initial Ship/Unit Required Operational Capabilities/Projected Operational Environments (ROC/POE)
  • Manpower Validation Studies
  • Front End Analysis (FEA) Support
  • High Driver Analysis
  • Billet Saturation Analysis
  • Manpower Estimate Reports (MER)
  • Preliminary Ship/Fleet Manpower Documents (PSMD/PFMD)
  • Billet Training Profiles (BTP)
  • Human Systems Integration Plans (HSIP)
  • Training System Installation Plan (TSIP) Development and Implementation